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Discover St. Joseph – An Alphabetical Tour Book for All Ages

By Lisa Vetne and Nicolina Holt

The Discover St. Joseph project was a collaboration between Nicolina Holt and Lisa Vetne. The idea for the book was born during a brainstorming session at a café in downtown St. Joseph. The goal was to showcase the beautiful city, as well as to create a book that parents could share with their children. The partnership was perfect. Nicolina captured the treasures of St. Joseph through the lens of her camera, while Lisa incorporated the images into thoughtful and stimulating page designs. The result is an interactive coffee table book, with a map and an ABC format to guide people of all ages as they Discover St. Joseph.

Full-color hard cover book with jacket.

Book size is 8 x 8 inches.

Crafted and printed in Michigan


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