First Anniversary of Design By Lisa


The process of opening my business was a struggle for someone with a quiet and shy personality. I have been designing all my life, and this was the natural next step in my career. This is now the first anniversary of Design By Lisa, LLC! I have had the opportunity to design a number of exciting projects and meet interesting people. I am extremely grateful for the positive feedback from the community. I was humbled when presented me with a “Best of 2015” design award for our area.  And special thanks again to Pat Moody for the wonderful article you wrote about the opening of Design By Lisa, LLC. I am thrilled to discover what the next year will bring.

A Dream Come True.

After living in big cities like Atlanta, GA and Washington DC and working on large corporate projects, I’ve come to appreciate the value of living and designing in the same city, for friends and neighbors. I love southwestern Michigan. I married my husband in Saint Joseph along the lakeshore, and we are raising our children here. I am excited for the opportunities as a graphic designer in my charming town, both large and small.